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Thirteen years passed, Hercules had grown to that age, but it seemed as though Cherry and Peach were unaffected by the time passing. There were sheep grazing innocently, then there came teenager Herc pulling the giant cart with straw, the girls, Amphityron, and a donkey who had a blue hood on nearly like a Russian scarf. Peach was enjoying the wild ride while Cherry looked like she was about to be sick to her stomach.

"HERCULES, SLOW DOWN!" Amphityron yelled during the wild ride.

Hercules kept running and ran into a few men who were working on an entrance into the market area. The straw hit the men and Hercules quickly apologized as they kept moving. Several people tried to dodge and get out-of-the-way and shook once Hercules had come in. He had a bit of a bad reputation with his super god strength in the town. Cherry was on her way out and took deep breaths while Peach rolled out, excited.

"That was awesome!" Peach jumped. "I wish my mom would drive that fast!"

Amphityron hopped out and held the distressed donkey's leg. "Thanks for the help, son. Well, when Penelope twisted her ankle back there, I thought we were done for." he gently took Penelope out to safety.

"No problem, Pop." Hercules smiled as he took the hay with one arm.

"Don't unload just yet," Amphityron told the boy. "First, I have to finagle with Phidias."

"Okay," Hercules set the hay down which sent Cherry flying in the air.

Peach looked up in shock and looked a little jealous. "Lucky muffin!"

"Oops," Hercules chuckled nervously. "Sorry, Cherry!"

"Now, Hercules, please just," Amphityron looked uneasy as he was trying to spare his foster son's feelings.

"I know, I know," Hercules said as Cherry came back down in landed in Peach's arms. "Stand by the cart."

"That's my boy," Amphityron smiled, then went to find Phidias. "Cherry, Peach, keep an eye on him."

"Yes, sir." the girls said.

Peach looked to see Cherry still in her arms and dropped Cherry right on the ground. "Duffnut." she said, but smiled.

The girls and boy stood by the cart as told. They then heard some trouble by the pottery place. Hercules decided to help the owner out as he was carrying a heavy vase.

"Herc, we have to stay here!" Cherry protested.

Peach looked back at her. "You're one of my best friends and I don't listen to what you say sometimes, you really think he'll listen?"

Cherry darted her eyes and walked with Peach to see what Hercules was doing. "Poor me and poor Demetrius."

The man, Demetrius struggled with his potted goods as he kept trying to move the vase. He was having a hard time since he was unable to see what was going on around him and it caused a lot of the pots to fall and shatter.

Hercules rushed to his aid. "Careful."

"Oh," Demetrius laughed, feeling relieved. "Why, thank you..."

"No problem." Hercules showed his friendly smile.

Demetrius's grateful smile vanished as he looked agape. "Why, Hercules, i-i-it's you!"

"Here, let me help you with that." Hercules offered.

"No, no, no!" Demetrius shook his head and held the vase close to avoid getting smashed like the others. "You just run along!"

"You're sure?" Hercules checked.

"Oh, yeah, absolutely." Demetrius nodded and quickly ushered him out back with Cherry and Peach.

Hercules sighed sadly and came to the girls. "But, I wanted to help..."

"Aw, forget him, you don't need him." Peach tried to comfort.

"Yeah, you still got us." Cherry added, smiling friendly.

"Yo, give it here!" a teen boy called.

Hercules turned to see three boys about his age. He smiled as he saw them playing. The discus flew toward him and he picked it up, hoping the boys would let him play. They came over to him and stopped suddenly in shock and worry.

"Hey, you need an extra guy?" Hercules asked.

One of the boys shoved the blonde one over. He looked back anxiously, then smiled nervously. "Uh... Sorry, Herc... Uh, we already got five... and we wanna keep it an even number."

"Wait," Hercules saw right through that. "Five isn't an even-"

The boy grabbed the discus and ran off with the others. "What a geek!"

"What a loser, huh, guys?" the other one asked.

"Hey, maybe we should call him 'Jerkules'." the blonde boy snickered with his other friends.

Hercules looked hurt, then furrowed his brows at them. He then slumped down on a stone, feeling so down about himself because of what his peers thought.

"Don't worry about what other people think, Herc, they don't do it often." Peach advised with a smile.

"She has a point." Cherry admitted. Sure, Peach was a little slow at times and had some bad mouths now and then, but she was an actually helpful person at times.

"HEAD'S UP!" one of the teen boys called.

"I got it!" Hercules called as he jumped up after the discus coming close toward them. "I got it!" He was hoping if he caught it without doing anything destructive, he would finally be accepted by the others. However, he ran into a pillar. That pillar knocked some others over as he tried to grab one and hold it still. Cherry and Peach panicked and ran for cover.

"Hercules!" Amphityron called.

"Hang on, Pop!" Hercules dashed past him to save the town's stores. "Be right back!"

Demetrius was now holding four vases. He panicked since one of the falling pillars was coming for him and the delicate items from his store. He looked to see another pillar coming for him. He cried, then squeezed his eyes shut, then felt relieved once the pillars stopped each other and didn't come down on him. He was very relieved until Hercules rushed over, slipped and slid toward him causing a huge crash. The whole town was covered in dust and it looked very miserable to see all the destruction. The townspeople crowded over and Cherry and Peach looked a bit nervous.

"Nice catch, JERKULES..." the blonde teen swiped the discus from the formerly immortal teen and stormed off in sheer disgust.

Cherry patted Hercules's arms and tried to settle him. Amphityron even tried to settle him. However, matters got a lot worse when Demetrius had a vase over his head and he was trying to pull it off.

"This... is the last...STRAW, AMPHITYRON!" Demetrius pulled the vase off successfully and glared at Amphityron, Cherry, Peach, and Hercules and threw the vase down on the ground in anger.

"That boy is a menace!" one man pointed to Hercules.

"He's too dangerous to be around NORMAL people!" another one added.

Peach gasped in fear of that word. Normal.

Amphityron decided to take the others home as the townspeople were insulted to be around Hercules. "He didn't mean any harm. He's only a kid... He just...can't control his strength."

"Yeah, we're all different and have a lot of problems in our lives, but it's not our faults." Cherry pointed out.

"Yeah, Cherry can't help it when she's a Lisa Simpson and tries to solve problems when she can't!" Peach added.

"You keep that... that... FREAK away from me!" Demetrius pointed deathly at Hercules.

The other people agreed with considering Hercules to be a freak. Everyone that went home after the destroyed remains of the town. This was a painful day for everyone, but the most pain was heaved on the one who caused it all and wasn't hurt by his destruction. Sunset came as Hercules was hanging his head. Of all the days he's lived and been taken in by the mortal couple, this had to be the absolute worse.

"Son, you shouldn't let what these people say get to you." Amphityron tried to console the boy.

"But, Pop, they're right! I AM a freak!" Hercules protested. "I try fitting in, I really do! But, I just can't... Sometimes I feel like I don't belong here...I-I feel like I should be someplace else."

"I know that feel." Cherry said as she was washing dishes with Peach.

"Hercules..." Amphityron kept trying to comfort the boy, but it was nearly no use.

"I know, it doesn't make any sense..." Hercules walked off from him.

Amphityron frowned and sighed. He then went inside. Cherry and Peach looked at each other. They decided to follow Hercules, even if he wanted some alone time now. Hercules picked up a stone and threw it across the water to skip along.

Hercules: I have often dreamed of a far off place

Where a great warm welcome will be waiting for me

Where the crowds will cheer when they see my face and a voice keeps saying

'This is where I'm meant to be...'

Cherry and Peach followed Hercules as he climbed up a tree. Cherry stayed on the ground due to her lack of climbing ability and Peach climbed up with him, not worrying or caring for her safety. There came a shooting star.

Hercules: I will find my way, I can go the distance
I'll be there someday if I can be strong
I know every mile will be worth my while
I would go most anywhere to feel like I belong

That night, Hercules, Cherry, and Peach got home with Amphityron and Alcmene. They were at the front door as though they had been expecting the group to return.

"Hercules, there's something your mother and I have been meaning to tell you." Amphityron spoke up.

Hercules was a little nervous. Cherry and Peach knew what was coming and decided to help the mortal couple explain this to the boy. They all sat down and the mortals explained to Hercules what they had been hiding from him nearly all his life.

"But, if you found me, where did I come from?" Hercules asked.

"This was around your neck when we found you." Alcmene took out the medallion with his name on it.

Hercules took it and looked to see a thunderstorm cloud with a lightning bolt on it with his name glimmering on the other side.

"It's a symbol of the Gods," Cherry explained. "We're not even your sisters, Hercules. We were sent on a mission to help protect you with this couple."

"You mean, you aren't even Amphityron and Alcmene's children?" Hercules looked at them.

Peach shook her head. "Nope... It's a long story, you should go to the Temple of Zeus and find out for yourself."

"Shouldn't we tell him about Zeus?" Cherry turned to her.

Peach looked back at her. "Let him find out for himself, he might bowl all over it once he finds out."

"This is it!" Hercules beamed. "Don't you see? Maybe they have the answers! I'll go to the Temple of Zeus and-" he stopped himself and looked back at his adoptive parents. Even though they weren't his real parents, they still felt like it since they took him in as their own. "Ma, Pop... You're the greatest parents I could ask for, but... I-I dunno..."

Everyone went to rest that evening. They decided Hercules, Cherry, and Peach needed all their rest and strength to find the Temple of Zeus. The next morning, bright and early, the young group went away to get going. They waved goodbye to Amphityron and Alcmene one last time and set their journey. They went through a canyon, went through a field, Hercules knocked over a tree and made a bridge for them to cross, came through the woods and dodged a thunderstorm.

Hercules: I am on my way!
I can go the distance!
I don't care how far, somehow I'll be strong!
I know every mile will be worth my while
I will go most anywhere to find where I belong!

After the long adventure, the sky got dark. Hercules, Cherry, and Peach made it to the temple. They then decided to quickly head inside and meet the figure of Zeus. Hercules just hoped this trip would be worth it and he would finally be happy with himself.
finally, chapter 4, :iconatticus1325: i promise, you'll be in this story very soon, just hang tight, okay? :) 

i love you really, :iconvamotor: you won't die yet, but sometime you will, i promise you, but only on the condition you can be brought back by a mysterious force 

Plus when i was writing the lyrics to Go the Distance, i could hear the song in my head like when i was a kid, its kinda one of my favorites, i like to listen to it when i'm about to do something i hadn't done before, it makes me feel like i can do ANYTHIGN! 
Atticus1325 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014
I can't wait to see how I get into the story.
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