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There were two girls traveling the jungles in India. They heard about a story from the villagers as they passed through told of a feral child, named Mowgli. Legend had it that he was abandoned by his human family on a tree top somehow and he was found by a wolf family, however, was currently raised by a big bear and a panther who made sure he was safe. The girls were 10-year-old Cherry with her new friend she had met, 12-year-old Bianca.
"Say Cherry, you think those stories about Mowgli are true?" Bianca asked as they walked through the jungle. She then heard wheezing and panting behind her. The older girl turned. "Cherry?"

Cherry was wheezing and panting. She had worn her black jacket to the forest, but had on short pants for the warm temperatures.

"Cherry, if you're hot, take off your jacket." Bianca chuckled.

"No way!" Cherry protested, then wheezed a little some more. "This jacket is... A part of me! It makes me me, like you and reading!"

"Oh, Cherry." Bianca laughed, then kept walking with her to explore. "I wonder if we'll meet this Mowgli boy."

"Oh, Bianca, I'm sure that's just a legend. If there were really a baby boy abandoned in the forest, he'd probably be eaten by now!"

"I believe in the story, Cherry, you may not, but I do."

"Of course you would," Cherry eyed her, sarcastically. "You believe in a lot of crazy things, like that doll of yours is magic!"

"Raven may be a doll, but she is my treasure." Bianca told the naysayer, holding out her homemade doll she named Raven. Bianca smiled and hugged the doll close. "It's okay, Raven, Cherry's just mad because we're lost."

"We're lost!? I knew you didn't know where you were going!" Cherry then stopped and heard animal calls. They all sounded scared.

Knowing Cherry could speak to the animals, Bianca wondered what it all meant. "What's going on, Cherry? Are the animals okay?"

Cherry listened closely, then turned with seriousness. "They speak of one called Shere Khan..."

"Shere Khan?" Bianca wondered.

"They say he's a tiger who'll eat and kill ANYONE, he mostly wants to kill Mowgli." Cherry explained based on what she heard from the animals. "We better meet back with your sister, Bianca. I don't wanna die in the forest as cat food!"

"Cherry, don't worry, we'll be fine, I know we will."

Night was falling quickly. Cherry and Bianca kept walking about, trying to remember where Bianca's older sister was. Bianca's older sister, Alex, had gone with them to India to explore and she took the girls with them to get them to become friends. However, the girls seemed to be having trouble finding where Alex and the camp was.

"Well, we might as well stop here," Bianca said, stopping and taking down her backpack. She unzipped it and took out the sleeping bag and a pillow. "Come on, Cherry, let's set up camp."

"Here?" Cherry moaned. "But, we should sleep in beds."

"Aw, come on, we're in the jungle we might as well camp out." Bianca shrugged, making herself comfortable.

Cherry groaned, took out her blanket and pillow, then settled on the grassy ground. "Good night, Bianca."

"Good night, Cherry."

And with that, the girls fell asleep and bundled down for the night. Hopefully nothing bad would happen to them in their sleep. Cherry struggled with sleeping with the calls and caws from nature. She tossed and turned in her blanket, then sat up in her blankets. She heard some wolf howls and gripped the edges of her comforter.

"I wonder if that was Mowgli and his wolf family." Bianca said out loud.

"Bianca!" Cherry glinted her eyes at her.

Bianca looked back with a shrug then cuddled Raven. "It could happen... He was raised by wolves and is now mentored by a bear named Baloo and a panther named Bageera."

"Come on, Bianca, be realistic," Cherry snorted, pulling her blanket over herself. "There is no such thing as a child raised by wolves, bears, panthers, or even monkeys, now please, go to sleep."

Bianca rolled her eyes at Cherry. She then decided to get some sleep as they were in the middle of the jungle and luckily, no predators were out. There were, however, being watched over by the tiger legend with glowing yellow eyes. He was the villanous jungle predator, Shere Khan, no doubt.

"What two delicious human desserts," Shere Khan licked his muzzle with a sinister smirk. "Maybe once I catch the man-cub, I will have him for breakfast, that chubby little morsel for lunch, and that sensible pessimist for dinner." He then lurked away in the shadows as the girls slumbered peacefully, despite Cherry's protests.
an adventure story featuring Bianca :iconraventhedoll: / :iconmewt66: sorry Bianca, i couldn't fit your name in the title box, but you're in this adventure :) 

Cherry & Bianca are becoming friends and decide to go to India with Bianca's older sister, but have trouble finding her on the way and stay in the jungle until they can find her. While there, the girls meet Mowgli, the legendary man cub, a boy abandoned in the jungle raised by wolves, and eventually Baloo the bear and Bagheera the panther and very many other jungle characters. I own my OC, Bianca owns hers, everyone else is Disney and whoever originated The Jungle Book 
OHSHCFangirl01 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2014
Cool~! The Jungle Book is my third fave Disney film~!
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Um when are you going to get the next cinderella chapter up?
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it ok  and  finally iv been waiting
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