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chapter 5

Bianca kept walking with Ken and Forte. Bianca placed Raven down on the snowy ground and stepped back. Forte looked at Ken and Bianca with wonder, then at the doll.

"Bianca, that is simply a doll." Forte stated.

"She's my treasure, and magic, Maestro." Bianca told him.

"Witchcraft." Forte scoffed in disbelief.

Forte was about to be told wrong once the doll's beady black eyes lit up. He gaped at the sorcery about to be transformed. Ken and Bianca hid behind a rock, grabbing Forte back with them. The doll then formed into the size of a human child and looked around as she was now alive. Raven walked to behind the rock to see Ken, Bianca and Forte.

"Mom, Dad, why are you hiding?" Raven asked.

"It's alive!" Forte cupped his hand with his withering hand.

"Wrong," Bianca told him. "SHE'S alive."

"Good day, to you, sir." Raven curtsied. "What seems to be the problem?"

Forte stepped over with his dress shoes crunching a top the snow. He then cleared his throat and looked down at the doll girl. "Excuse me, Mademoiselle Corbeau, can you help us find my daughter and wife?"

"That I can, sir." Raven nodded.

"Her name is Corbeau, not Raven." Bianca told the court composer.

"Corbeau is French for Raven, my dear." Forte replied.

"Come on, let's get going." Ken said as he followed Raven to look for Felicity and Cherry.

"I just hope we're not too late." Bianca said quietly.

Raven kept tracking, she then came to see Felicity. The eight year old girl was holding herself for warmth, then she looked to see Bianca, Ken and Forte coming after her. Ludwig smiled as he saw Raven the doll.

"Raven, what are you doing here?" Ludwig hugged the colorful doll.

"Mom and Dad are with this guy looking for a girl named Cherry and Felicity." Raven explained.

"My name is Felicity," the dark-haired girl stepped forward. "Cherry, you say? That's my mother's name."

"Seems I'm on the right track." Raven smiled at her, then turned to the adults to signal them over.

The adults came. Once Felicity saw Forte, she rushed to him and hugged him which made him pull his arms away from the sudden gesture of emotion. Forte groaned, but then forced a smile on his face as he patted his daughter's back.

"Oh, Fliss, thank heavens you are safe." Forte mumbled.

"Why are you here, Papa?" Felicity looked up at him. "Ludwig and I are looking for the Sugarplum Princess."

"Sugarplum Princess? Ludwig?" Forte looked at his daughter strangely, then saw Ludwig was a living doll as well. He glanced back at Bianca. "What kind of toy maker are you?"

"One of the best, I believe," Bianca smirked at his exposure. "You can just ask my sister. I first made Bianca when I was 12."

"Enough formality," Felicity cut in. "Where is Maman?"

"That's also why we're here," Ken said to her. "Your mother went missing when we came looking for you."

"Have you been alright, dear?" Bianca asked as she put a coat around Felicity to keep her warm.

"We're fine, we ran into these girls, but we turned them good." Felicity replied.

"I've been keeping her safe, sirs and ma'am." Ludwig smiled at them.

"We need to find Cerise and get home in time for Christmas, this is all very exhausting and I'd like to get some sleep." Forte said, sounding impatient.

"Come on, I'll help you." Raven led the way.

Forte bent and picked up Felicity as he followed the others to look for Cherry. The snow was slippery at times, but the crew managed to get through with it. Ludwig then took over as they decided to look for the Mouse King's hideout since he seemed really suspicious around Cherry. Forte took out his handkerchief and tied it around Felicity's eyes like a blindfold as they walked across a bridge that was over a very icy and dangerous river. Forte knew Felicity was a lot like her mother when she was a child and if Felicity saw they were going across a big height, they'd never be able to cross and save Cherry in time.

"You must really love Cherry, Forte, if you're going through with all this." Bianca pointed out.

"Of course I love her," Forte said. "I mean, romance might be entirely over rated, but Cerise is my soul mate."

"Love is a funny and powerful emotion." Ken stated.

"Amen." Forte agreed.

The group kept walking. Felicity was allowed to see again and they went climbing up mountains. Raven helped Ken and Bianca as Forte threw Felicity up for Raven to catch her. Raven quickly caught Felicity and Forte climbed up on his own. It felt like this was taking nearly forever, but they had to do what was right of course.

"Bianca, you are an impressive toy maker, I wonder why Cerise never told me when she told me about you." Forte said as he continued to follow.

"It's a secret, Forte, you can't tell anyone else, now." Bianca told him.

"But why?" Forte frowned.

"Maestro, please." Ken said.

"Sil vous plait, Papa, it's a secret." Felicity added.

Forte groaned in defeat. "Fine, I won't tell anyone else. Like, I have any other friends to tell."

The group made it to the Mouse King's lair. Cherry was indeed there and she was sitting on an ice-cube, looking uncomfortable and irritated. Mostly irritated. Felicity smiled and rushed to her and hugged Cherry's arm.

"Maman, you're okay!" Felicity beamed.

"Yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine." Cherry said, withdrawing her arm in annoyance.

"Cerise, why are you sitting on an ice-cube?" Forte asked.

"How the heck am I supposed to know?" Cherry spat.

"Is the Mouse King here?" Bianca asked.

"He went out to try to destroy you guys because Felicity is the Sugarplum Princess." Cherry replied.

"I'm a princesse?" Felicity's eyes widened and she grabbed her tiny chest.

"Yes Felicity," Cherry sighed, then looked her daughter in the eyes. "You're a princess."

"I never wanted to be or knew I was a princesse..."

"It's because of Clara Drosselmeyer back when I was a kid," Cherry explained as she remembered her adventure way back then. "Clara was the Sugarplum Princess then. After that time, they didn't have any children, but apparently it came off to Felicity. I don't know how, but that's apparently how it works, and unless I become the Mouse Queen or the King is defeated, we're all doomed."

"Mouse Queen? You?" Ken asked.

"Over my dead body!" Forte growled.

"Interesting offer." a voice drawled, turning them all to the Mouse King. He was smirking devilishly. "Which one of you foolish humans want to battle it out?"

"That would be me." Forte reached into his tail coat and pulled out his dagger.

"Charles, no, don't." Cherry said, emotionless, not caring of what was going on around her.

"Don't worry, Maman." Felicity sat in her mother's lap, much to her discomfort.

Cherry groaned from Felicity in her lap, then wrapped her arms around her to hold her. Ken and Bianca stood in the background with Ludwig and Raven.

"Shouldn't we do something?" Bianca asked, worrying.

"He's got this." Cherry assured her as Forte went to battle the Mouse King.

Cherry knew she could always count on Forte when her life was being threatened or if she was in any possible danger. When Forte and Cherry went to King Adam's castle for a visit and to apologize for his actions, Gaston's younger brother, Avenant came to the castle to avenge his dead older brother because of Belle and Adam. Forte showed his loyalty to Cherry to everyone, even surprising her that he was brave and willing to risk his life to save the ones he loved, so Cherry knew that Forte would win this battle between good human and evil rodent.
introducing Raven! :D I hope this story is coming out better than I think it is, I'm a little weird about my own stories, I only own my OCs, everyone else belongs to their respective owners, Mouse King and Clara are obviously Nutcracker Prince, Raven, Bianca and Ken belong to :iconraventhedoll: / :iconmewt66: I made Raven come out the best I could based on what I read about Raven's stories
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